The Crisis in Sudan: A Call to Arms! Part 1

Last night I was privileged to attend a very important meeting held at the residence of Ambassador Khider H. Ahmed, Head of Mission for the Embassy of the Republic of Sudan. I was one of a delegation of Muslim leaders and activists (men and women) who gathered to share our concerns about reports regarding the Darfur region, and then to hear the Sudanese government’s side of the issue.

The dialogue was open and frank; and from what I could see, at its conclusion everyone present left with a feeling of not just being informed, but conscientize on the issue. In addition to the dialogue, Ambassador Khider provided us with a package of information (documents), which both underscored the complexity of the crisis, AND THE GOVERNMENT’S GOOD FAITH EFFORTS TO RESOLVE THE CRISIS, under enormous internal and externally imposed difficulties!

When I arrived home last night, despite the lateness of the hour and the fatigued state that my body was in, I immediately began to review the documents in the package. (Many are from non-Muslim, non-Sudanese independent sources!) I was struck by the fact that these documents, coupled with what Ambassador Khider had to say, confirmed most of my deeply held suspicions concerning the crisis in Darfur. Insha’Allah (God willing), I will provide more detail on this in an analytical commentary that will soon follow.

At the conclusion of last night’s meeting I shared a short list of very specific recommendations, with the ambassador and those still present, of things that needed to be done to help the Sudanese government meet the challenge on the propaganda front. (Sudan has been getting hammered on this issue from all sides.) But to the Muslim and human rights community in America I recommend the following.

The UN has threatened sanctions against Sudan if certain conditions are not met within 30 days; our spineless (where it comes to standing up against powerful un-democratic special interests) US Congress has designated the crisis in Sudan “genocide” – while Britain’s Prime Minister Tony Blair has intimated the need for “moral intervention.”

Combined with the above are the anti-Sudanese government demonstrations which are now being held at the doorstep of the Sudanese embassy in Washington, DC, each week.

THIS IS A CALL TO ARMS! A call for conscientious and committed Muslims residing in the US (and sincere, peacefully inclined non-Muslims in the broader community) to do something before it is too late. Many of the same interests that beat the drums for so-called “preemptive” WAR in Iraq are now beating the drums for military intervention in oil rich Sudan! We cannot stand by like silent spectators and allow this to happen. As an article in the August 2, edition of The Guardian concluded:

“We are shown starving babies now, but no TV station will show the limbless or the dead that we cause if we attack Sudan. Humanitarian aid should be what the Red Cross always said it must be – politically neutral. Anything else is just an old-fashioned colonial war – the reality of killing, and the escalation of violence, disguised with a hypocritical mask of altruism. If Iraq has not taught us that, then we are incapable of ever learning anything.”

We are calling for a massive demonstration in Washington, DC, as soon as it can be reasonably arranged (preferably within the next 30 days). We need Muslim LEADERS and ORGANIZATIONS – from community masajid and centers, to large and well funded advocacy organizations – to play a meaningful, frontline role in this HANDS OFF SUDAN initiative!

To my brothers and sisters in the African American community, you are being duped by compromised members of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC); by compromised members of the Black Clergy; by compromised members of the Black Press; and, shamefully, by compromised, reactionary members of the Black Nationalist movement. Don’t allow these compromised entities to cause you to be complicit (by your silence), if the largest nation on the African continent comes under attack, and we collectively witness more of the BLOOD FOR OIL syndrome!

Yours in the struggle for peace thru justice,

El-Hajj Mauri’ Saalakhan
Director of Operations
The Peace And Justice Foundation