November 5, 2008


CONGRATULATIONS AMERICA! For Electing Your First Black President

In the early morning hours of November 5, 2008, a political earthquake struck the United States of America, with powerful aftershocks being felt in other parts of the world. A black man, bearing the middle name of one of the beloved grandsons of the Prophet Mohammed (you can’t beat this for symbolism), has won the nation’s most coveted political office in what pundits have termed “an electoral landslide.”

Congratulations America: Barack Hussein Obama has become the 44 elected president of the United States!

After the well warranted national euphoria has died down, serious souls committed to the mandate for positive CHANGE must ask, ‘What comes next?’ The president-elect takes office on January 20, 2009, facing a host of challenges both here and abroad. 

The forces of greed, militarism, social and political stagnation have already begun to array themselves in ranks, to insure that nothing changes. When one takes a hard look at President-elect Obama’s inner circle, it is evident that these forces will have plenty of help from within the administration itself. We, The People, have work to do!

We, in The Peace And Justice Foundation, sincerely believe that The Almighty has given America another opportunity (perhaps the last opportunity) to get it right. We pray that the millions of peace and justice-loving souls of this nation will recognize their responsibility, and not allow this historic opportunity to be squandered.

On this memorable occasion we think it prudent to remind us all of a brief but powerful dialogue that occurred in the aftermath of the Constitutional Convention of 1789, which established the U.S. as a nation predicated on “Liberty and Justice for All.” At the conclusion of the convention, one of the senior most “founding fathers” was asked by one of the reporters of the time: “What have you wrought?”  According to the historical record, Benjamin Franklin's response was, “A republic; if you can keep it!”

The work begins anew. May God help us.

Mauri’ Saalakhan

Director of Operations

Office: (301) 762-9162