10 Muharram 1423 AH
(March 25, 2002)

The Peace And Justice Foundation has drafted a short list of action-oriented recommendations for Muslims in America to consider.

El-Hajj Mauri' Saalakhan
Director of Operations

Recommendations to Muslims In America

1). Have trust in Allah (Almighty G-d). Work for the unity of Muslims and for the benefit of all humanity.

2). It's been reported that the US Department of Justice has recently sent out 3,000 letters requesting immigrant Muslims in the US to agree to another round of "voluntary interviews."
We urge Muslims not to cooperate with authorities in these witch hunts, unless you are served with a federal supeona, and then only in the presence of your attorney.

3). Get involved! Join one or more Muslim advocacy organizations sincerely committed to bringing about change.

4). Continue the practice of giving your zakat or sadaqa to legitimate Muslim charities and advocacy organizations. (This is a requirement of our deen.)

5). Whenever necessary, write letters to the various print and broadcast media to challenge the distortions and (often deliberate) misrepresentations of Islam and Muslims.

6). Call in on radio talk shows to either support or challenge what's being said.

7). Whenever a Muslim individual or institution is accused (or "suspected") of a crime, we are required to give that individual or institution the benefit of the doubt, and insist upon "due process."

8). Visit courtrooms and/or other legal proceedings whenever Muslims are accused of crimes or violations of immigration law.
9). Organize education and mobilization forums in your places of worship, schools and other venues within the community. Strive to educate Muslim and non-Muslim communities on the human rights and civil liberties issues confronting the soul of this nation called America.

10). Get out of the habit of thinking "dua" (prayer) alone will change things. Islam requires that we ACT as well as pray!

11). Encourage indigenous (American-born) young Muslims, who have strong iman (faith) and good organization skills, to lead the Muslim Students Association (MSA) on their respective campuses, and help to spearhead the efforts on college & university campuses to challenge fundamentally un-American US domestic and foreign government policy.

12). If you are not an American-born citizen, or a naturalized citizen (someone who has acquired legal and permanent citizenship status in the US), you should quietly support reform initiatives from behind the scenes (but support these efforts in whatever way you can). If you are a citizen, you have a moral obligation to participate without any reservations in the campaign for positive change. (As the Prophet Mohammed said, "When you see an evil action you must change it with your hand; if you cannot do so, with your tongue; if you cannot do so, [detest it] with your heart...and that is the weakest degree of faith.")

13). As you endeavor to educate the non-Muslim public, work simultaneously to build meaningful coalitions (with progressive Christians, Jews, and all others) around issues of common concern.

14). Register to vote! But have the human dignity and principled self-respect to not allow yourself to be pimped! Always endeavor to avoid repeating mistakes of the past.

15). Prominent Muslims in America (and their respective organizations) should immediately remove the Muslim-American cloak of legitimacy from around the government's so-called "War on Terrorism," and have the strength of mind and spirit to call it exactly what it is!


Responses are welcome. If you would like to contact us at The Peace And Justice Foundation, you may do so by calling (202) 246-0092, or via email: peacethrujustice@aol.com.