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Letters to e-COACH address interesting and/or unusual problems, many of which are shared by those in management positions

We have compiled this repository of letters in the ebaconline that you may benefit from solutions to either similar concerns or perhaps even avoid some of the pitfalls before they occur.

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Looking for Good Managerial Material - Finding good managers isn't always easy. These 4 characteristics may help. [Read]

Can a Boss Also be a Friend? - Has the "casual" workplace environment gone too far? Read this interesting e-Coach posting and decide for yourselves. [Read]

Overtime: To Pay or Not to Pay? - Assumptions that being salaried means no overtime pay is a common misconception, but the mode or frequency of payment is not the issue. Find out more. [Read]

Moving On ... Steps to Recovery - There's no doubt that losing one's job can be very traumatic. Find out how to turn what may seem like a cataclysimic event into a learning experience with positive outcomes. [Read]

An Affair to Forget? - e-COACH has some sensible advice for this morally outraged employee. [Read]

Stay or Quit the Job? - Feeling like an island of sanity amid a sea of company chaos? e-COACH examines some of the available options when dealing with organizational "mayhem". [Read]

A Better Turnover Recipe? - Some key issues to be considered when faced with staff retention difficulties. [Read]

I am Woman - The only female manager in a male domintated group asks for tips on being "taken seriously". e-COACH offers a list of helpful suggestions. [Read]

Do's and Don'ts ... Tips for a New Manager - A concise and helpful list of do's and don'ts for first-time managers. [Read]

You Can Change Yourself - A variety of personalities exists in every organization...some cause frustration! Find out what you can do combat what seems like an intolerable situation. [Read]

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