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Getting your career back on track!

With support, those can evolve into a sense of acceptance, control and even excitement at the opportunity to take charge of a new career.

Here's how

Getting your career back on track! Getting your career back on track!

At Dunn People Strategies, we see our role both as a Support Counsellor and as a Business Mentor to the terminated individual, learn. In addition we provide the necessary professional resources to assist the participant in meeting career goals.

As a Support Counsellor

As a Business Mentor

  • On-site emotional support after termination
  • Assistance with packing up, leaving the building & getting home, if desired
  • Consultant's cell number provided for 24 hour access follow up meeting within 48 hours of termination
  • Examining and dealing with emotions
  • Listening, listening, and more listening
  • Guidance to create a gradual shift to positive thoughts and feelings
  • Self motivation techniques weekly "homework" to maintain forward momentum to new opportunities
  • Discreet monitoring of individual's emotional state (with referral to a mental health professional if necessary)
  • Clarification of the package (if desired)
  • Referrals for financial counselling
  • Personal values and goals exercises
  • Evaluation processes for career direction
  • Self employment evaluation (if desired)
  • Design/preparation resume or business plan
  • Time management techniques
  • Self management tools
  • Networking strategies
  • Effective job search / marketing skills
    • Preparation of marketing letters
    • Answering ads properly
    • Working with agencies/consultants
    • Using business directories
    • Direct target marketing
    • Telemarketing
    • Job search on the internet
  • Pro-active interviewing (with role plays)
  • Image consulting as required
  • Convenient meetings
  • Job offer evaluation & negotiation


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